Original jersey color and design may bleed through your name and number. Brett Kenny, the founder of ‘Holeshot Graphics’ has been involved in … Mariah is awesome to work with! You can obtain the Jersey Name from your shopping cart so we can match the print service to your Jersey. I will post a picture as soon as I get them on. At Skidmark Designs we create your custom BMX or MX jersey with the highest quality printing available. They have a fast turnaround. Already planning the next project and looking. Go order yours! canvas mx jersey - white with pink sleeves us$ 54.59 us$ 47.31 CANVAS MX JERSEY - WHITE WITH RED SLEEVES US$ 54.59 US$ 47.31 CANVAS MX JERSEY - WHITE WITH BLUE SLEEVES US$ 54.59 US$ 47.31 I would highly recommend and I personally will use them till I can’t ride any. Great company. For more urgent enquiries please call 01430 411152. The Best Place to Buy MX Gear Combos with Free Custom Jersey Printing and Closeout Sales. The Motocross Shirt Printing Specialists. They can take a beating. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. Thank you! R2 MX has you covered with custom Rider I.D. Hours. Brandon always goes the extra mile to help me out, and having you guys support me in the sport I love is amazing!