We get that, we respect that; it’s why we’ve put together this page to help you find them. So to OP, all you can really do is try some out at your nearest pc place and find what you like best for your needs. They sound so much better in my opinion too. Any switch can be used for gaming. That, and the first keyboard to use them (G910) had those awful keycaps. That's why the Razer Cynosa V2 is a godsend. Gaming keyboards are an essential purchase if you play on PC, but they can break the bank. The best mechanical keyboard just so happens also to be the best gaming keyboard. Best mechanical keyboard switches for gaming. I like MX Reds and can still type 115 wpm on my HyperX FPS Pro. The NETGEAR GS1088-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch is the best Ethernet switch for the unpretentious network builder who just wants to split a single connection between various devices. Pro purples are my favorite all-round switch. Looking for the best budget gaming TV? I know what you mean when you say it's 100% preference. /r/buildapc is a community-driven subreddit dedicated to custom PC assembly. I prefer Cherry MX Reds and Romer G's from Logitech. I freaking love typing on my G810, and I believe that my room-mates appreciate it too! I have both the k68 and k95 and I hate the cherry mx Reds. But it's up to you. The column that best fits your answers is the switch type you should try first. I saw in this post, someone ( /u/jppowers I'm summoning you for your wisdom, hope you don't mind) mentioned switches that support USB DDM, but it looks like a difference of $150 versus like $30. You could get a GMMK along with multiple sets of switches to test out. The best gaming keyboard overall. Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but we've organized reviews, specifications, products, images, and more to make researching your perfect switch easier than ever. Top 5 Best Tactile Switches for your Mechanical Keyboard. I would recommend going into a store like micro center and feeling the keys. That's surprising. The very best, even. Picked up a Pok3r recently with Nature White switches. I used romer-Gs for over a year and loved every second of it. Most people I've talked to about RomerG switches who didn't like them complained about the squish at the bottom and compared them to membrane keyboards. For gaming I prefer linear switches with a short actuation point. Switches from Logitech G provide outstanding gaming and typing experience regardless of your style or preference. Generally speaking, most of the best Ethernet switches offer the same functionality. I currently have a keyboard with membrane/rubber dome switches. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MechanicalKeyboards community, Continue browsing in r/MechanicalKeyboards. A lot of people say Reds are worse for typing, but I haven't noticed any real issue with it over the last 2 years. But it's all personal preference, just like keybinds. I don't need a click (mechanical keyboards tend to be louder anyways, no need to add to that) and I like the smoothness for button mashing in MMOs or quick double taps in FPS games. You’re really not going to have a noticeable difference in activation time, unless you’re going with some super off brand wireless you’ll be fine. Switches are a mechanical keyboard's most important feature. For gaming I prefer linear switches with a short actuation point. It is 10 times faster than regular switches. Get a tester with a bunch of different switches to try and decide which one you like. I only recently went back to browns because I missed them. Go to best buy and poke at the ones they have on display. I like the concept of the speed, but i hear that you can make some mistakes. It's subjective, just find a switch you like the feel of that doesn't tire you out(isn't too heavy). Heavier switches can cause some pain/fatigue over long time though. Get what feels better to you. Whatever you prefer is the most common answer because it's the only answer. After much more research I settled on clear keys and am more than happy about it. I like MX Blues, that loud audible click is just so satisfying. Peripherals. Now, the hard part is which switch I should be getting for gaming mostly and some typing. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. Most membrane models simply don’t measure up, due to shallow key travel and a lack of tactile feedback. Their actuation point is so quick, and it's not needlessly loud like a lot of cherry switches. which is obviously not cool for gaming. Near perfect weight and just enough tactility. I know that a lot of this is personal preference, but I want to know what are your favorite switches out there for gaming and why?
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